Palliative Care and Community Nursing

Palliative care is a methodology that improves the quality of life of patients and their families confronting the issue related with life-threatening illness, through the counteractive action and help of suffering by methods for early identification and flawless evaluation and treatment of pain and different issues, psychosocial, physical and spiritual. Community nursing incorporates Public Health Nursing (concentrated on wellbeing advancement and ailment avoidance) and Community Health care (concentrated on care at home or in network settings). Nurses in Community Health participate in numerous jobs. Increasing frequency of a life-threatening diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases is expected to be the growth driver for the global palliative care market. Various components involved in the growth of the palliative care market can be developing number of palliative cares centres around the globe, broadening application for homecare, expanding number of qualified doctors for hospital and palliative care, growing ageing socioeconomics and so on. Global Palliative Care market is expected to show the growth at a CAGR ~8.1 % during the period 2018–2023.

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    December 09-10, 2019

    International Conference on Geriatrics and Ageing

    Bangkok, Thailand

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