Falls, Joints and Bone Health

Falls are the second driving reason for unplanned or unexpected injury deaths worldwide. Every year an expected 646 000 people die from falls universally. Adults older than 65 years of age suffer the high number of fatal falls; 37.3 million falls that are serious enough to require medicinal attention happen every year. While most have great emotional wellness, many older adults are at risk of developing mental or neurological disorders, or substance use issues and in addition other health conditions, for example, diabetes, hearing loss, and osteoarthritis. Osteoporosis has turned out to be a standout amongst the most pervasive and expensive health problem. As people get older and older, they start to lose more bone than they build. The overall osteoporosis drugs market is seeing basic improvement by temperance of developing geriatric population joined with changing lifestyles impinging bone health. Inescapability of osteoporosis is more average with age. Calcium supplementation has been appeared to emphatically influence bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. In an examination in elderly individuals, higher admission of dietary protein related to a lower rate of age-related bone loss.


    Related Conference of Falls, Joints and Bone Health

    December 09-10, 2019

    International Conference on Geriatrics and Ageing

    Bangkok, Thailand

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